Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flowers out of season

Flowers are out unseasonably early this year.

Until we planted ours, daphne was a flower I was unfamiliar with. They have a really lovely, subtle scent, and appear for a couple of weeks in late August. Coming at the tail end of winter, they are the first herald of the turning of the season.

This year, the daphne came in mid-July. It's hard to complain when there's daphne out, although their time is always so short.

Following closely behind was jasmine. Our bush has thrived - the first one I've planted to properly do so - and is in its first full season this year. Moreover, the scent is thankfully generous. But jasmine usually arrives in September, maybe late August at the earliest. And it's not just us - I can smell jasmine in the air around Coogee without even seeing it.

It's plausible these early appearances are due to a breaking of the drought (in Sydney, at least - large parts of New South Wales remain officially in drought). Whatever the reason, it's hard to tell what's going to happen in the garden this year. Seasons don't just shift by a month or two.

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