Friday, January 01, 2010

This blog in 2009: the subjects

The next few posts will let you know what people viewed on this blog in 2009.

I started including a traffic counter in July 2009, so all the statistics here relate to the latter part of the year.

There were around 50 page views per day, of two and a half years' worth of posts.  The main subjects viewed were:
 - Evolution: nearly 50% of page views;
 - Science: about 25%
 - Technology: about 10%
 - Music: about 10%

It's hardly surprising that Evolution tops the list: that's my most frequent subject.  But the overall figures were slightly skewed by two pages that turned out to be particularly popular:
 - An illustration of the relative sizes of the planets, moons, and different star types (in fact, most searches were asking about the relative sizes of different stars);
 - A picture of a platypus egg, in a discussion of the evolution of milk.

Those pages each garnered over 20% of page views, making up about 45% of site traffic.  In particular, much of the search engine traffic was drawn to the platypus egg - because, I guess, mammal eggs are such an oddity.  In today's world, at least.

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