Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Brexit parliamentary vote resoundingly NOT a betrayal of democracy

Theresa May had been banging on for weeks about how voting against her brexit plan would be a betrayal of democracy.  And she was clearly wrong, wrong, wrong.

UK MPs voted against her plan - with no time left for a new plan - by a whopping 432 to 202.

May's concept of democracy is fundamentally flawed.  Yours is too, probably.

It is most clearly not democracy to implement brexit when the margin of a generationally important vote is 52% to 48% - and after all this time is still that close [the other way].

As it stands, any move on this will be a betrayal for half the country.

A new way has to be forged - a new question/answer altogether.  Yes, in/out of Europe is binary.  But you CANNOT move forward blithely on an issue that is so hopelessly divided.

More work, more discussion is needed.  And that is what will happen.  Despite the anguish, even if it takes another five years true democracy will be better served by continuing the discussion.

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bazza said...

Pascal Lamy, the French former director of the IMF, gave an interesting interview to the BBC yesterday. His analysis of the Brexit fiasco was spot on. He said that the UK wants complete political withdrawal from the EU but, at the same time, they want very close trade ties. This he said is impossible and they need to get realistic.
There are very few credible politicians in Britain now. Vince Cable is one but he is in the third party so has no chance outside of another coalition.
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