Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tech: Fostering the Clever Country: Internet access for all

An interesting report that the French government is offering an internet-enabling package for low-income households.

The deal provides a computer, training, and high-speed internet access for one Euro (AU $1.70) per day for three years.

There is a financial benefit to the government too: they’re encouraging people such as pensioners and unemployed to conduct governent transactions over the web, such as filling out income declaration forms, and so on.

Of course, not all of the target audience would take to it. But takeup would represent a win for everyone. It’s too easy to forget the benefits of good internet access – for education, knowledge, communication, and simply getting things done quicker and more easily. A whole world is opened up with that access, and a whole nation is enriched (and more productive). Clever France.

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