Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Climate Change: States bypass Federal intransigence

A report in the SMH today details how all Australian States have "tentatively approved" plans to deal with carbon emissions.

It's a "cap and trade" plan, which means emissions are capped and emission credits and debits (for running above or below the caps) can be traded.

The article couches it in doom-and-gloom terms of what this will cost the consumer. Yes, preventing climate change does cost. You'd expect that. I hope that as one who pays extra for electricity from 100% renewable sources, my costs don't change. Still, small price.

It's good to see unanimity in the States (and Territories). Makes PM John Howard look small.

I believe something similar is happening in the USA - the other Climate Change refuser - albeit to smaller proportions because it would be difficult to achieve useful consensus in so many States.

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