Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tech: Is that TLA too technical for you?

Poring over a couple of documents in the last couple of days, I counted a total of fifty acronyms. Now I know the I.T. industry loves acronyms, but this is ridiculous!

They spanned 10 pages of a specification document, plus 14 powerpoint slides. I deciphered two thirds of them. Which is pretty good going, in only two days.

2-Aug-06 Update: Found the company's acronym directory. It helped - for a handful of them. Unsurprisingly, there were a number of duplicates, including one case where the document's context wasn't enough to determine between the two options! Of course, the rational way through this is to ask people. Still, one might hope that sort of information is documented and accessible. Sigh.
What industry? What else but telecommunications. Building on the strengths of the I.T. industry, as usual :)

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