Sunday, October 29, 2006

World: Sydney Harbour Bridge: alternate design

This is dated 1922, a design by Ernest Stowe. It links the city (Millers Point) with Balmain to somewhere west of current North Sydney, via Goat Island.

Any suggestions how the centre could have handled a modern volume of traffic? A roundabout would be too slow.


Anonymous said...

Interesting design!

Would be cool with a roundabout in the middle yea...

Maybe for modern day use they would simply close off one of the accesses and just make it a "normal" bridge! :)

S Simmonds said...

Closing off one arm might be a solution. But even then, it doesn't look like it could handle the volume of traffic (and trains) that the bridge does these days.

But I love the retro sci-fi look! Personally, I think it's more interesting than the current bridge.

Anonymous said...

Trains could be run on both sides of the bridge to allow easy access. Modern traffic control would be most likely from lights, but they would occur on the accessway to the bridge.
Of course the comment "cant make up their bleeding minds" would be applied to the builders.
The question is, why cant we do it now? It would look a darn sight better than a tunnel.

Chris B