Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Garnaut report: action, reaction

Garnaut's latest report, accepting of climate change disaster, induced s ome strong reactions from the Herald's economics editor, Ross Gittens. He calls it "the most disheartening government report I've read".

Gittens' view: "aim high and let others beat us down from there rather than aim low and end up lower". Full report here, with details of Garnaut's conclusions and why Gittens disagrees.

Unsurprisingly, activists GetUp! have a similar reaction. They've put up a summary of the Garnaut report; they're also running a campaign to encourage key members of the Business Council of Australia to reiterate their earlier commitment to tackling climate change, and to disavow the BCA's stance. From GetUp!'s front page, you can send message to one of those ten companies.

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