Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama before inaugeration

Obama's "last interview before inaugeration" was another good insight into the man who, having already cemented his pivotal status in this epoch must also be, in some part of his mind, aware that eight years is a drastically short time to put in place sound building blocks for the world's future.

Despite the questions being inevitably located within the same melange of pressing issues of the era, and despite his charactistically easy loquatiousness echoing themes largely previsited, there remained room - as always - to gain further understanding of his capacity to chart the maelstroms.

He mentioned discussing with his daughters Lincoln's inaugeration addresses and their personal expectations of him to achieve so much, in a human sphere. He has consistently been able to weave any and all of the varying strands of ideas to a broader, nobler narrative. The clarity and strong coherency of his vision, humanity and intelligence is always stunning. Although that is all too often proven inadequate unto itself, he also clearly articulates action that is already underway as concrete reality. It's fortunate that the opportunity is here: There are truly few who could face these times like Obama.

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