Saturday, May 02, 2009

Upcoming films

Saw trailers for a few upcoming action films...

The trailer for the new Terminator film (Salvation) made it look like something of a cross between Mad Max and PK Dick's story Second Variety (although I rather doubt that is so).

The new Star Trek film had a surprisingly fresh feel. A series reboot (at film number eleven), it came across as more dynamic and less space-oriented than the earlier films. Promising.

And despite what I said yesterday, I could be sucked into seeing Angels And Demons. It's probably not a lot more preposterous than a lot of Hollywood boys films.

Why bother? Probably something to do with some of what I got out of the main feature, the new X Men film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not a great film in the pantheon (of Hollywood films, even). Yet it was entertaining, the narrative was competent enough, but more important, it's pure escapism. Nothing else but a film at a cinema can so completely transport the spectator for a couple of hours. Sometimes that in itself can sometimes be worth the price of admission.

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