Friday, July 24, 2009

What's happening to this blog?

Not much, I'm still going. But over the last couple of months, I've made a few changes.

Ideally, I'd proffer a thought a day: an idea or insight that strikes me as significant. For this, I infuse more than enough information: in particular, from the Sydney Morning Herald, New Scientist (the weekly science news magazine), and ABC Newsradio (incorporation BBC's world service) - plus myriad other sources.

However, my publishing schedule has been somewhat variable over these three years, depending particularly on time availability.

One of the more recent additions is a tag list. Unsurprisingly, evolution, climate change and politics top the list. I have tried to backfill since I started using tags more rigorously, but there's still plenty of posts that need to be adequately tagged. The size of the tag list will inevitably steer the tags from the very specific to the more general.

And since I am trying to overcome a significant income deficit, I added some discreet ads at the end of the post. Not enough to be distracting, I trust.

I have also adopted a weekly schedule to the subjects - another tidyup. This makes the schedule more demanding and thus more fragile, but I'll try to keep it up as follows:
Mondays (published Sundays): Evolution
Tuesdays: sociology (social trends)
Wednesdays: economics/politics
Thursdays: climate change/science
Fridays: technology/IT
Saturdays, Sundays: music, film, literature, miscellaneous.

And most recently, I added a web counter to get some idea of the traffic for this blog. I've been using profile views and comments as a sort of proxy, but they tell little.

I expected a couple of views per day, since I've mentioned this blog to a few friends. But I was surprised to find an average of about 50 unique page views each day (averaging 40 visitors). Which suggests to me people may be coming here one-off via a specific Google search; the comments tend to bear this out. I know what it's like to be a lurker: there's simply not enough time to read everything, let alone interact. But I am asking you to send a comment today, if you can. What made you come to this blog (or what were you searching on)?

Feel free to comment on content, but you don't have to. Reminder that comments here are moderated to prevent spam, so they won't show up until I've clicked through them.

PS: I have to laugh. Having just said the ads were discreet, I looked at this post and found a massive yellow ad for a retailer at the bottom. Cross fingers it won't happen too often. Is it there now?

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well.. it's like I thought!