Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wisteria: both white and purple on the same plant

I mentioned before our purple wisteria that had mysteriously turned white this season.

In fact, that was only the first shoot.  The rest of them have so far come out purple; the white flowers can all be traced to that single branch.

The plot thickens.  The best suggestion so far, from my wife, is that the plant carries genes for both, and that white branch is a sport.  I've seen wisteria in white and in various shades of purple, but never two different colours on the same bush.

The weather has been wild in Sydney these past months.  It's been spring in July, summer in September, and back to winter in October.  The unseasonably cold, wet and windy weather may have been a blessing.  Our wisteria usually flowers for only a couple of weeks each year, but the cold spell landed half-way through the blooming, so some of the buds haven't yet opened.  Hopefully they will come out when the weather turns warm again, prolonging the blooming.  On the other hand, the scent hasn't been as heady as in previous years: it really needs a full crop for the best effect.


Disappointed Mac said...

Likewise. I have a wisteria which started out white and is now producing purple flowers!?!?

Anonymous said...

And my lovely purple wisteria are blooming in huge long flowers now (Utah), but they are white this year, except for one stem, which has shorter purple flowers. The whole long railing is draped; it looks like it could be a wedding setting. I'm not going to complain about them, because they do look gorgeous. It's just a surprise, that's all.

S Simmonds said...


It's hard to complain about wisteria in full bloom. The white can look heavenly.