Tuesday, October 20, 2009

World's largest solar power plant - where?

Australian telecommunications analyst Paul Budde noted in a recent newsletter that the Australian government had announced plans to build the world's largest solar power plant, as part of its carbon abatement strategy.  The announcement, actually dated May-09, detailed a $1.4 billion government investment, with tenders to close next year.  The planned size is 1000MW, to be commission in 2015.

Not to be outdone...

The list of "world's largest" announcements on this front actually includes at least three other projects, in California, India and China.

California's announcement: 500MW, with "options" for 900MW more (scheduled for opening 2011).

India's announcement: 500MW, in Gujarat - "may now be increased to 3000MW".

China's announcement: 2000MW by 2019.

Current world's largest solar power station is said to be 354MW - in California's Mojave desert.

All laudible. With two caveats.  First, we know from the I.T. industry that announcements do not amount to actuality (what does not transpire to be 'vapourware' often amounts to 'shrinkware').  Second, the time frame for realisation of such projects is sufficiently long that they may be overtaken by new developments, particularly technological.  Still, more power to them: a race like this can only be good.

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