Saturday, July 16, 2011

Discovered 70s gems 5: Aretha Franklin - Call Me

Oh well, here's Aretha Franklin.  I sneaked her in only because I found it was released as a single in 1970.  Again, I never heard it until decades later.

I could argue that this is her best, but any way you look at it the performance itself is unarguably stellar, liquid gold.

Postscript: Calling Aretha the Queen of Soul can be a bit fraught: some of her performances are good, but they are not all outstanding.  But if you listen to the right ones, carefully enough, it is clear she is Queen.  Another recommendation is 1973's Angel.  Not as big as the follow-up (Until You Come Back To Me), I still heard it plenty at the time, but paid little attention.  But Angel is, however, yet another example of how Aretha can outshine them all.


bazza said...

I never heard this before. Thank you.
Its a shame about how Aretha's personality has held her back. (Extreme agoraphobia). I also saw recently that, at 68, she has had sudden and dramatic weight loss.
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S Simmonds said...

It was only in the last few years that, courtesy of a compilation, I heard and listened to this song for a while, and slowly appreciated its worth. And when I stumbled upon this particular performance I could clearly see why she is so well revered.