Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bad Company in a Wishing Well

I really can't say I have a lot of time for Free.  But they were the darlings of the (British) press for a time, so there you go.

I have little time for Bad Company either.  I remember more than I care to, including some  NZ band doing a cover of theirs: Feel Like Makin' Scones.

But I love the Free song Wishing Well, and when singer Paul Rogers does it in Bad Company, well it all comes back.  And you don't even have to like either band.


bazza said...

What? You didn't like My Brother Jake or Silver Blue and Gold? Neither are as good as Wishing Well but good nevertheless!
By the way, it was hard to link to this blog but I got here in the end!
Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

S Simmonds said...


I gave both of those a go, just now. And all I can say is: good thing Paul Rogers got his hair cut.

No, I have to say my record remains unblemished bar this one. :)

Well done for seeking out the new location (I would have told you soon enough!). The change was brought about by a desire for a somewhat greater anonymity. But seek and ye shall find...

Oh, and time constraints have meant that it's much easier to jot things in a notebook than blog. Hence the greatly reduced output - and the title.