Friday, March 17, 2006

Pers: Fake happiness in a tropical paradise

In the colour supplement of last Sunday’s Murdoch, was a bloke the copywriter could only envy. He lived in Hawaii, where he played guitar and surfed. Occasionally he’d write songs and release videos, in which he’d apparently play guitar and surf.

Would you like to do that for the rest of your life? Would that be your definition of happiness too?

Well, after a few years of the same, and more of the same, I’d figure it’s time to move on. Happiness is so transient, any situation loses its appeal once you get used to it. Obviously, constant change is needed. Learning, growth, and challenge. Ongoing happiness is spiritual.

I find that in my kids. Kids are certainly a challenging experience. Humbling, too. And happiness through their eyes is not just evilly vicarious. It’s refreshing, renewing to discover where the joy lies in everyday life.

It’s that combination of humility and challenge that makes raising children rewarding for me. As I accept the innate happiness that children express, I experience more moments of happiness than I could get from any island paradise.

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