Thursday, March 09, 2006

World: Oppressing in the name of... whatever you can use to justify it

A couple of BBC reports overnight.

Marina Mahathir, daughter of the Malaysian ex-dictator, likened new laws to aparthied South Africa. Malaysia's Islamic family law worsened life specifically for Muslim women, and didn't affect non-Muslim women (inter alia, making it much easier for men to take multiple wives and to divorce women). The government ministry responsible for women recommended not complaining about the law, suggesting it could be changed later. Ms Mahathir in turn suggested the Ministry should be split into two: a Ministry for the promotion and advancement of non-Muslim women, and a Ministry "to keep Muslim women bound and gagged".

In Afghanistan, the president railed against the practice of marrying off women to settle debts or feuds. Apparently about 50 - 60% of Afghanistani women today are forced into marriage.

All I can really say about this is that inhuman practices by men against women still take many forms. At least significant voices are being raised.

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