Monday, October 15, 2007

Election: try the World's Smallest Political Quiz

The election date has finally been announced (24 November), and the "phony" election campaign is over. The government can't spend money on political ads now, nor take any startling new initiatives.

And the first promise the Liberals made was $34 billion in tax cuts over the next three years. They understand well the response to tax cuts, but this cuts across what's been shown (in several surveys) as the electorate's key concerns:
  • economic management
  • industrial relations
  • environment
  • health
  • education

- in that order, I believe. In this context, a tax cut would seem to go against all those - it's called disinvestment. But it's aimed at people who aren't very engaged in the political debate, and at the margins there are people who don't make the connection between tax cuts and disinvestment. (In contrast, the ALP are talking about reinvesting in infrastructure, health and education, while maintaining a budget surplus.)

I mentioned it in passing six months ago, but it's worth making a point of it: the world's smallest political quiz. Ten questions, and it positions you on a two-axis chart, from liberal to conservative, from "big government" to small. It should be enough to allow any swinging voter to see through the bribery, and identify where one's sympathies really lie, and where one's votes should really go.

But if you're not a swinging voter, you probably already know.

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