Monday, January 03, 2011

Top Posts 2010 for this blog

The posts in this blog that got the most hits for last year are as follows:

1.  Evolution: A picture of a platypus egg, in the context of the evolution of milk.  Yet the narrative of egg-laying mammals is more interesting than a mere picture.

2. Science: Some pictures taken from Wikipedia that gave some size perspectives on the planets, their moons, and the various star types.

3. Music: Cancion Mixteca: a haunting Mexican song, and actor Harry Dean Stanton's version.

4. Technology: What does IBM do? - What, you don't know?  Answer: not just hardware, these days.

5. Music: Vigrass and Osborne: forgotten 70s pop music - remembered only by those who sought out this link.

6.  Technology: Type conversion in SQL Server: varchar to real

7.  Tintin: Project O-Light: the intriguing Tintin adventure that never was - or not yet.

8.  Evolution: Tunicates: a giant tube worm, and its relationship to us.

9.  Evolution: Gondwana and New Zealand: NZ's separation from the southern land mass Gondwana - it's not how most people think.  And was there really a terrestrial native New Zealand mammal?

10.  Worldwide gun statistics.  In fact, it was more about the relationship between gun ownership and homicides.  As you'd expect, the more immediate the weapon, the more likely the homicide.

This is actually little different from 2009's greatest hits.  Observations: a) I didn't post much last year; b) Google's page rankings over time entrench winners.

Top post of 2010: mention of a Beach Boys concert.  However, I'd prefer you to look at the one on Sculptures By The Sea 2010, the stupidity of an art prize award to a plagiarism, and Homo Floresiensis as, potentially, australopithecus.

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