Friday, September 01, 2006

Climate change: costs and benefits of commuting options

For a company facing an impending move for hundreds of employees, a very interesting ready reckoner gave a comparison of commuting by public transport versus car:

Travel Time by car: 51 minutes
by public transport: 75 minutes

Weekly Cost for car: $194
for public transport: $33

Car costs took into account “fuel, insurance and servicing”, based on a mid-sized car, using NRMA data.

This reckoner was created to give a realistic understanding to employees of the commute to new premises next year. The user only had to enter a postcode to get the above table; the above is for mine (2031).

Rather a stark picture, isn’t it? For an extra 240 minutes per week, you’re paying $160. However, you’d also have to consider the amount of productive time you could gain in either situation – whether you wanted to read, snooze, or work, you can do it on public transport, but not in a car. So I’d really discount the time differential. The cost differential is approximately $7000 per year.

Everyone’s situation is different, but this is rather illustrative of the choice many people are making if they commute by car.

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