Monday, September 18, 2006

World: Sydney Opera House (3): Another discarded design

This one is said to be a "concept" rather than a definite proposal, put forward by the then-conductor of the Sydney Symphony, Eugene Gossens, for the 1956 design competition for Sydney Opera House.


Bazza said...

That's a very Art Deco style. And a good thing too, say I! Who designed the chosen model?

S Simmonds said...


Danish architect Jorn Utzon designed the Sydney Opera House as we know it now. (you can look him up in Wikipedia.)

My main point is that the one that won the competition is timeless - ie not of a specific era, as were the two discarded designs I posted.

Having said that, it's very interesting to imagine what could have stood in its place. I commute by train over the Harbour Bridge every day, and the Opera House is very much a fixture. What would it have been like with something else?

I really like the two designs I posted. However, I'm not sure whether they would have left the lasting mark that the real Opera House has.