Wednesday, September 13, 2006

World: Children exposed to too much, too early

A news report details concerns from childhood experts in the UK that children are exposed far too early to adult issues. Yes, this has been raised before, but as they said, we are in an unprecedented era of rapid technological and cultural change. They decry the loss of “real food, real play” – which is undeniably an aspect of most recent times.

I would add to that exposure to issues of sex, violence, and world issues that are too complex to absorb with equanimity.

This is a serious issue. I see in my kids a genuineness, an innocence, that is lost to adults. It’s a magical time, a beauty that is yet easily witnessed by adults. This is a loss to all.

My only thoughts are to feed the children slow food, get them active, and keep them away from any kind of screen as much as possible.

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