Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm just a singer in a rock'n'roll band??

Back in 1975 in New Zealand, a band released a single called Vermillion Cellars, which flopped. Sort of prog-rock. They eventually wandered over to Australia, where the money is.

Meanwhile, a New Zealand pop singer was doing considerably better, scoring a big hit with a Vanda-Young composition, Yesterday Was Just The Beginning Of My Life. He had a healthy career there for a few years, as successful as you can get in a market as small as New Zealand, before eventually wandering over to Australia.

That band, Dragon, went on to do very well in Australia, becoming rather an institution as a straightforward rock/pop band. That singer Mark Williams, saw considerably less success, eventually forging a living in session work.

So Dragon's singer, Mark Hunter, died about nine years ago.

Everyone's gotta make a living, so the band continued on, eventually as "Dragon Acoustic". With that erstwhile pop singer, Mark Williams.

Friday, there was a bit of a party at work at the tail end of the day. Something of a celebration/team build/morale boost, everyone having recently relocated to the new workplace in northwest Sydney.

And Dragon played there. With Mark Williams. Strumming an acoustic guitar, not singing. And Todd Hunter was singing, not playing bass guitar.

Funny old world, innit. As I said, everybody has to make a living somehow.

Actually, to close the loop, a look at Dragon's website reveals that Williams has a throat condition at the moment, and would normally sing.

It also shows quite a full booking schedule, so they must be doing reasonably well at that living. One of those bookings was later in the day on that Friday - in Melbourne! It's a hectic life for a jet-setting band...

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