Thursday, April 24, 2008

Making your computer work better: SendTo on Vista

If you want to open a file with a particular program, you can right-click on it and either do an "Open with..." or a "Send To". I favour Send To myself, and I can add numerous things to that menu by putting shortcuts into the Send-To folder.

Well, I thought I could.

This is about some of the hassles you get with Windows Vista, and how to make that $%#%*& Send To work. It's not as obvious as it once was.

It's a matter of finding the Send To folder. On Vista, this has been moved around a bit. And there's a Trap: if you search for the Send To folder, Vista swears it is not there, although it is. Why is that so? Probably some simple explanation, but this is a good illustration of the many frustrations MicroSoft inflicts on the world.

The answer: the Send-To folder is located on the system disk (usually System (C:)), as follows:

Users> (username)> AppData> Roaming> Microsoft> Windows> Send To

- just in case you thought they might do something lucid!

(Microsoft's knowledge base articles on this differ (of course) between XP and Vista, so if you're caught reading a replication of the wrong instructions, there's double frustration. And even with the right version, MS goes the hard way, recommending Start > Search box > "shell:sendto" to get access to it. It puts this instruction in advance of the simpler approach, of course.)

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