Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shaun Micallef vs. David and Margaret

Sean Micallef has a wonderful wit - absurdist and very dry.

His current programme is Newstopia, a satire on current events and news programmes. Like a lot of Micallef's work, it can be a bit hit and miss, but there are times when he's really on a roll. Such as last night - it had a lot of really great moments. Judge for yourself - the episode is available free at the above link for seven days.

It's a shame this programme always clashes with David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz's film review programme, At The Movies. Whether you agree with their opinions or not, they always give very useful insight into current films. Fortunately, episodes can be downloaded to be watched in full, at the above link. Unfortunately they seem to be available only a week in arrears.

so we're left with flicking between channels on a Wednesday at 10pm (with a later catch-up available as a fallback).

But in a good Micallef irony, he's now on SBS, when he used to be on ABC, whereas David and Margaret are on ABC but used to be on SBS. This can make channel-flicking quite confusing if you're not concentrating hard enough.

Micallef's done a fair bit of work; if you want to track it down, you can find on DVD a few series of his pogroms. Sic. (well after all, you try spelling Micallef. Even he sometimes gets it wrong.)

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