Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stunning Photography: Stephen Dupont

On Saturday, around 5pm in Redfern, Mark and I were caught in a sudden squall. We sheltered under a canopy of an old pub that had closed down several months back. Then I noticed it had been turned into an art gallery: Byron McMahon, open Monday to Saturday, to 5pm. I wandered in while we were waiting, and saw two of the most stunning photographs I have ever seen.

They were both reproduced on very large canvas. The resolution is very high; the reproduction is top quality; the photographer is Stephen Dupont.

Most of the photos didn't particularly interest me. But there were four that were reproduced on that large size (something more than 2 metres by 1 metre). Two of those four were especially striking. The first was the one above, taken in India. A mass of people, indifferent to and unknowing of the camera. It was captivating particularly because of the size. The representation above gives an indication of the subject matter and composition, but it's absolutely no substitute for seeing it in full glory.

When I walked into a back room, then turned towards the back wall therein, I was compulsively drawn towards, drawn into, the picture below.

Again, without being there it's impossible to get a sense of the effect of the image wrought large. It was thoroughly compelling, magnetic.

Well placed in the space, too. A credit to the gallery.

For both pictures, half the effect is in the photo, the other half is the reproduction: size and quality. The tagged price: only $4000 each. Worth it.

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