Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The year ahead in books

Christmas added to the daunting pile of books that I have some hope of reading.  Actually, that's rather too optimistic: I'm always adding more  to the list than I have any hope of reading (a number of last year's crop have fallen by the wayside and just adorn the increasingly cluttered shelves of my library.)
In order of likelihood of getting through them:

Anthony Horowitz – The House of Silk (a very promising Sherlock Holmes novel.  I will need to pace myself to make it last.)
Bill Bryson – At Home (very readable, often very informative, if somewhat tabloid)
R J Unstead – Invaded Island (one of a job lot of history picture books I acquired.  This one covers my areas of interest nicely, dwelling on the waves of invasion of England up to the Normans)
Gardner Dozois (ed.) – Year’s Best Science Fiction 15 [1998]
Margaret Atwood – The Blind Assassin (yet another Booker prizewinner)
P G Wodehouse – Heavy Weather (dubious so far, but he’s an easy read)
R G Grant – 1848: Year of Revolution (another history picture book)
David Piper – Kings and Queens of England and Scotland (yes, another picture book, particularly dubious this time, but a very useful quick reference)
Christopher Hitchens – Arguably (large book of essays from the recently-deceased journalist)
Stanislaw Lem – The Chain of Chance (sci fi, of a style I find dry – not progressed much through it in the past year)
Simon Schama – Rough Crossing (potentially boring book from an interesting historian)
Eric Hobsbawm – The Age of Revolution (history, albeit not my current area of interest)

- I’ve started on all bar the Schama book.

Lots of history, hey?  I'm sure if I came across some decent readings on genetics and evolution, they'd be added - but I fear the easy pickings have been done.  This list excludes the plethora of non-book readings I go through, magazines such as New Scientist, and various web sites.  There’s also a smattering of other books lying around the house that I will doubtless bump into well before I get through these ones.

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