Monday, July 09, 2007

Scientology - dangerous.

Scientology was a philosophy developed by failed science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard. He organised it into a church as a tax dodge. (Scientology is not to be confused with Christian Science, a Quaker-like Christian organisation which does good work.)


Judge for yourself. They are notoriously antipathetic to traditional psychiatry and traditional psychiatric treatments. Not a hard call, there are lots who say the same. But at a certain point, some drugs become the only viable treatment.

A Sydney woman was on medication which kept her stable. But after she moved back in with her parents, avowed Scientologists, she was persuaded to discontinue treatment. She discontinued the prescription drugs, which would seem to have led directly to her killing two family members. The report is not clear on whether the discontinuation of drugs was due to her Scientologist parents, but they certainly would have discouraged the treatment. And keeping her away from any kind of therapy is a recipe for disaster. Read the report.

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