Thursday, November 02, 2006

Climate Change: International Day of Action

There seems to have been a sudden surge of concern over the issue in the wake of the Stern report. Even governments once in denial are now on the defensive.

It’s the ideal point to join in an international day of action to solidify for governments that real level of concern.

My wife first mentioned it to me, but she’s adamant that she doesn’t want it to be an anti-government protest. I said “There is one simple intention behind this: to show to all decision-makers the weight of public opinion behind the issue. These things are necessary part of the process.”

In Sydney, there’s an assembly at Martin Place at 11am, for a short walk to Tarpeian Way (“next to Botanic Gardens”).

In London, there’s a march to the US embassy to ask that they ratify Kyoto (some action at the Australian embassy would be appreciated too!).

The international site has details for a large number of countries.

The kids will be happy to join in. After all, it’s about them more than us. We're only on this earth for a short while.

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