Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tech: Collaboration, integration,... and Skype

...meanwhile over at ITToolbox, Luis Suarez has gotten all gushy over the new release (3.0 beta) of Skype. Now ya gotta admire Luis' enthusiasm in general - particularly for Web 2.0 collaboration - but he has lit some sparks in extrapolating into the future.

Other bloggers like Skype's click-to-call feature: click a phone number on a web site to call through to the person or company. Now that's integration.

But Luis likes the potential for Skype as an enterprise collaborative tool. This is because Skype has clambered aboard the hot trend of enabling (user-written) plugins. An example of a useful plugin from a business perspective is screen-sharing, for realtime collaboration.

Just as plugins can extend a browser such as Firefox to become an all-singing, -dancing complete internet intermediator, so can they extend another application which takes as its starting point person-to-person interactivity.

This year, all this may sound like a mess of buzzwords. The year after next, it may all be commonplace - that's how fast technology is evolving - and we may be wondering whether Skype is becoming Firefox, or Firefox becoming Skype.

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