Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tech: mobile multimedia and the communication revolution

An Australian telco is providing an interesting spin on the 3G multimedia service for mobile phones. They’re streaming to mobiles the live television coverage of cricket games.

So what? Well, one of the possibilities they mentioned was for people who are actually at the match to watch the replays on their phones. For cricket tragics, this is not a bad thing at all, because replays are important here, and the big screen in the cricket ground is often woeful for this.

For non-cricket fans, so what? My feeling is that this is only the start of possible applications for multimedia via mobile phones. The widespread adoption of this consumer device has finally enabled video phone calls; live video help functions should not be too far away; etc etc.

The cricket service has gone down from $8 per month to $5 for unlimited use, indicative that pricing for such functionality is becoming more and more reachable for everyday usage.

My feeling is that video phone calls will be the prime application, though, in the immediate future. This technology represents a revolution in our understanding of communication.

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Anonymous said...

have you seen that Foxtell now offer a service to your mobile phone (12 channels)?
While this is irrelevant for those of us without mobiles (like me) it is finally a reason to consider getting one (yay discovery channel).