Monday, November 20, 2006

Tech: Free broadband

Spin Internet is an ISP offering free wireless broadband to Canberra. (In fact, the first 200 MB is free; thereafter 22c/MB.)

An interesting way to market their services. Time will tell how the business case stacks up. But it means that broadband is accessible to anyone with a wireless modem.

Although Canberra is the wealthiest per capita city in Australia, this makes broadband more available to the disadvantaged end of the community, which benefits the country as a whole.

To date, this is apparently replicated in only a few other cities in the world, with Singapore, San Francisco, Taipei and a few small US cities having access to (or plans for) this offer.

Spin plans to extend this offer to other parts of Australia, possibly with some branding [advertising] to enable an increase in the limit.

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