Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hicks: US anti-democracy is a plague

David Hicks is an Australian incarcerated for five years at Guantanemo Bay. No trial, and if/when one does happen, time served doesn't come off a sentence.

We are infected with the US's disease of anti-democracy, simply because our current Prime Minister is a) a US toady, and b) hopes to benefit from free-trade agreements that are one-sided in favour of the US.

Where else in the western world would you see someone rotting on remand for five years with no trial in sight?

Our government's response has gradually shifted from total disinterest to feigning concern for the time spent without trial. Today's response (from Attorney-General Ruddock) is that they're pressing for a trial to be held, and it will happen very soon. They've been saying that for at least six months now.

Australia's new Director of Military Prosecutions is more direct: it's an abomination.

Hicks is probably a ratbag, and may or may not be guilty of anything. But this is a disgrace. And any government that perpetuates this disgrace is fundamentally hypocritical.

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